When Construction Workers Should Hire An Injury Attorney After A Scaffolding Injury

Injuries involving scaffolds happen quite a bit on construction sites. These platforms that elevate height are supposed to be safe for workers to stand on, but sometimes that isn't always the case. If they caused you to get injured because of any of these reasons, you need representation from a construction injury attorney.

Improper Setup

There may be nothing wrong with the scaffolds directly, but issues can still happen when they aren't set up according to code. The right support mechanisms may not be used or there may be an issue with ground conditions that should have been accounted for.

If this improper setup is the reason why you injured yourself while working on a construction scaffold, then hire a construction injury attorney. They can prove the scaffold wasn't set up according to code and help you go after the party that is responsible for this improper setup.

Major Defect

Not all construction scaffolds are shipped without imperfections. Something may have happened in manufacturing that created a major defect, which may have been the reason why you got injured around this structure. For example, maybe there was a defect with one of the platforms.

It may not have been made right and thus caused you to fall through and significantly injure yourself. A construction injury attorney is the only professional that can help show a defect caused your construction-related accident. They'll help you go after the manufacturer that didn't rectify the defect before the scaffold was shipped out and constructed. 

Improper Maintenance

Once scaffolds are set up around a construction site, they need to be maintained properly. If they aren't, then they can suffer structural problems. That's a pretty common reason why construction workers get injured when around these structures. 

Again, if you got injured on the scaffold because it wasn't maintained correctly, you need to hire a construction injury attorney. They can sort out who should be to blame for the lack of maintenance. It could be a supervising manager or maybe the construction owner that you work for. 

Scaffolds can face issues that then expose workers to injuries that stand and move on them. If you have to deal with this particular type of construction accident, you want to hire a construction injury attorney. Even if you're not sure why you got injured on one of these structures, the attorney can put these pieces to the puzzle together and help you move forward. 

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