Why You May Deserve Compensation for a Sprained Ankle From a Car Accident

Ankle sprains make up 40% of all ankle injuries. You might assume that a sprain or strain is not a serious injury because you can sometimes recover from these injuries with rest. However, a sprain or a strain caused by a car accident can lead to lasting pain and suffering. Therefore, you'll still want to contact personal injury attorney services after you have injured your ankle. 

The Immediate Effects of a Sprain

An ankle sprain involves an injury to the ligaments that connect the bones of the leg to the foot. A sprain occurs when these ligaments move outside of their intended range of motion. After the injury, you should contact a doctor as soon as possible to determine the severity of your injury. One of the main obstacles after suffering a sprain is that you may be unable to put weight on your ankle after the sprain. This can prevent you from working and can negatively impact the quality of your life. Even after your sprain heals, you may find it painful to walk and your ankle may be stiff. You might also hurt your ankle more if you try to put weight on it.

Sprain Recovery

While most patients recover from sprains on their own, others have to receive surgery for the most severe types of sprains. The surgeon might need to remove loose bone and ligament fragments inside the joint. The surgeon might also need to reconstruct the ligaments and tendons. Because these surgeries can be expensive, you will want to seek compensation for injuries with the help of a personal injury attorney.

Long Term Damage

After you have sprained your ankle, your ligaments will be stretched out. While they will heal, they won't be the same as they were prior to the sprain. Therefore, your ankle will never be as stable as it once was. If you suffer from multiple ankle injuries, you may suffer more serious injuries over time that can be debilitating. 

Sprained Ankles from Car Accidents

If you experience a frontal crash, you may suffer from an ankle injury. The most likely scenario is that your personal injury attorney will contact the insurance provider of the other motorist on your behalf. She may work with you to craft a demand letter so that you may request a settlement that you deserve. Otherwise, the insurance provider will likely make a low settlement offer and may argue that your injuries are not as serious as you claimed. Some companies, like Spooner & Perkins P.C. Attorneys at Law, know that the help of a professional can help in these sort of situations.

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