The Consequences of a Motorcycle Ejection

One of the worst events that can occur on a motorcycle is when you are ejected. Unfortunately, this can be a far too common type of injury. Motorcycles do not come with seatbelts and there are no doors or windows to stop you from being ejected. You're at an even greater risk of an injury if you're not wearing a helmet especially if you're a passenger. Therefore, you'll want to seek medical treatment as soon as possible even if you believe that your injuries are minor.

Motorcycle Ejection Accidents

You might have been driving when a car pulled out in front of you unexpectedly. Someone may have opened a car door unexpectedly or you might have hit a pothole. A large truck might have rear-ended you. The three types of ejections are the:

  • Lowside ejection
  • Highside ejection
  • Endover ejection

How you fall depends on how the accident occurs and the side and shape of your body. 

Injuries from Motorcycle Ejection Accidents

Many motorcyclists wake up in the hospital after this type of accident. However, if you don't wake up in the hospital, make sure to contact the emergency room. Delayed treatment can often be fatal or will at least lead to your injuries being much more severe. for example, you might be suffering from internal bleeding or a concussion. Also, if you did not go to the hospital, this will be used by the defendant as an argument that your injuries must not have been very severe. 

Compensation for Your Motorcycle Ejection

After you have received medical treatment and are told that you may leave the hospital, it's important to speak with a motorcycle lawyer. While many auto accident and personal injury lawyers may be willing to take your case, a motorcycle lawyer will have experience with the unique factors involved in a motorcycle accident case.

Given that motorcycle accidents can lead to much more severe injuries, it's essential to craft a compelling case that will allow you to seek the compensation you deserve. Your case will usually go in one of four directions:

  1. You decide to drop your case
  2. You seek compensation from the other motorist's insurance provider
  3. You attempt to settle with the other motorist out of court
  4. You take the case to trial

Regardless of your decision, a motorcycle lawyer will gather the evidence necessary and will represent you whether he is speaking to an insurance provider or arguing your case in court.

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