Everything About Work-Related Post-Traumatic Stress And The Process Of Seeking Compensation

Workers' compensation provides financial assistance for people who suffer physical injuries like broken bones, fractures, and torn ligaments in their workplaces. However, getting injured at work is beyond physical as it may also impact your mental health. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is one of the issues you might have to deal with after a traumatizing incident or accident. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get compensation for such a condition since it is not a physical injury. Here is everything to know about claiming compensation for this mental condition and why you need legal guidance. 

The Definition of Post-Traumatic Stress

The disorder is a mental health condition that is a result of being involved in a scary or shocking event. Some events that can bring up PTSD include assault, serious accidents, and natural disasters. The brain stores this trauma in the subconscious, and if you do not deal with it, you might start eliciting various emotional, physical, and behavioral symptoms. With time, these symptoms can interfere with your ability to function, which will, in turn, impact your effectiveness at work.

The common symptoms include anxiety, anger and irritability, jumpiness, and violent behavior. Some patients might also experience nightmares and obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Luckily, if your post-traumatic stress emanated from an accident in your workplace, you are entitled to compensation. So consult a workers' compensation lawyer to find out how to proceed.

Instances When the Law Covers the Disorder

If you or your family member suffers from this condition, the first step is to seek medical help. Consulting and getting a diagnosis from a psychiatrist is an essential step toward finding justice. Mental health professionals usually have a manual that helps them in making the diagnosis.

It will be simpler to claim and get compensation when you have a complete diagnosis. Additionally, you should note that PTSD does not have to come due to physical involvement in an incident. You can develop it from watching your colleagues die in a horrifying fire or accident.

The Common Types of Claim

In most cases, PTSD happens in places where the employees regularly experience traumatizing events. For instance, the possibility of developing this condition is high if you work in law enforcement, fire-fighting, and the hospital. Nevertheless, the issue can develop in a low-risk workplace if one experiences a gruesome injury. Employees working in the fishing, warehousing, construction as well as manufacturing industries also tend to suffer PTSD. 

A workers' compensation lawyer will help you seek compensation after a workplace injury. With their help, you will acquire the settlement you need to cater to your daily needs and seek medical help.

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