An Accident Attorney Represents Clients Injured While on a Boat Ride

Spending time on a sailboat, yacht, or houseboat can be very enjoyable. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents happen and a guest is seriously injured. An individual might slip and fall on a slippery wet surface or fall overboard. The guest might lose balance and fall if the driver makes a sudden unexpected turn or acceleration. If this person has trouble acquiring deserved financial compensation, contacting a personal injury attorney for a free consultation may be advisable.

Insurance Claims and Personal Liability

If liability insurance covers this vehicle, the insurer might dispute the claim for various reasons. If, in fact, there is no liability coverage, the accident victim may want to file suit against the owner. This can be a reasonable option when the owner has enough assets to cover expenses associated with the injury and has refused to make any payment voluntarily.

Determining Fault

A primary difficulty with these types of incidents is the requirement to prove the owner was at fault and the guest was not. The owner might have been operating the watercraft unsafely. For instance, there might have been an abrupt turn that knocked guests off balance. This is hazardous for someone on foot. The owner may have been operating the vessel while under the influence of alcohol, leading to reckless behavior.

In the viewpoint of the insurance company adjusters, not every accident is the fault of the owner. The injured person could have been intoxicated, thus increasing the risk of falling. The person might have ignored the driver's announcement to sit down and hold on because a tight high-speed turn would be imminent. 

Building a Strong Case

Because of this, a personal injury lawyer must be sure the case is strong before proceeding further. Otherwise, there is no point in negotiating with the insurer or contacting the owner about compensation.

The individual's medical records connected with the incident must be obtained. The injured person will need to document all remembered details of what happened. The lawyer or a representative of the firm may interview witnesses who were on the boat or saw the accident from shore or another vessel.

Pursuing Compensation

If the boat has liability coverage, a personal injury attorney pursues a claim to cover medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses. Negotiating may take some time, but this is a much faster option than filing a suit against a large insurance corporation. If there is no insurance, the lawyer contacts the owner to demand payment. Unsuccessful communication with that individual could lead to a lawsuit. 

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