Three Reasons To Use A Social Security Disability Attorney For Your Claim

If you have a disability that is preventing you from working, you may be entitled to benefits from Social Security. However, filing a claim and getting approved for benefits is not as easy as you might think. The hard truth is that more people are rejected for benefits than approved. For this reason alone, you should consider speaking to a Social Security Disability attorney. The following are a few things they can do for you.

They can help determine your eligibility

This is often overlooked by people wanting disability benefits. You may believe you have a disability, and perhaps you do, but it may not be something that the Social Security office will see as one that is eligible for benefits. There are specific standards that have been set for eligibility, so it is best to discuss this with an attorney. It will take too long to understand what these standards are by yourself.

They can help you put together your claim

You need to understand that filing a claim is not just filling out a couple of forms and sending them to the government. You will need documentation to accompany it. A lack of documentation is one of the reasons many applications are denied. An attorney can look at the specific disability that you have and then discuss the specific documentation that you will need. The chances are, you don't have all of this information. You may need to get additional documents that your doctor may have, such as a recent X-ray. Once you have everything needed, a lawyer can then organize everything in an easy-to-understand package that will increase your chances of approval.

They can assist in an appeal

Of course, if you have an attorney help file your claim, your chances of being rejected go down considerably compared to doing it yourself. But there is always a certain chance of rejection. However, an attorney can look at the reason for rejection and understand what the next step is. You may need more documentation. It is also possible the reason for the mistake was that the examiner did not interpret the rules correctly. People make mistakes, and it is important to have an attorney when this happens. The steps taken for an appeal are specific and a lawyer will have the experience in knowing exactly what you need to do.

Before you fill out the paperwork to file a claim for disability, you should stop and think about the importance of having an attorney. They can help you determine eligibility, assist in the documentation, and help with an appeal when necessary. Their fees are paid as a percentage of the benefits, so you never have to pay out of your pocket.

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