Is Your Workers' Comp Claim In A Mess? How To Know

Workers' compensation insurance provides hurt workers with a wonderful resource in most cases. When everything goes right, the worker could be entitled to full payment of medical expenses along with a disability salary while recuperating. When dealing with an injury and insurance problems, it might be difficult to know when it's time to seek professional legal help. Take a look at a few situations that should have you calling a worker's comp lawyer immediately.

Your Employer Doesn't Cooperate With Your Claim

Your workers' comp benefits are available courtesy of your employer but they don't necessarily like it when a claim is filed. It not only puts them in a position to lose a worker but they might also have to pay more in insurance premiums. There is another problem though, that can plague hurt workers. Just like most people, your supervisor may not fully understand the complicated laws about workers' comp. That can lead to problems when the employer disagrees with your assertion that the injury was work-related. Unfortunately, employers can hold up your claim filing for many reasons and you may need a lawyer to help you untangle the issue and get a claim filed. Time is of the essence so don't wait too long to act.

Your Workers' Comp Doctor Claims You Are Ready to Return to Work

Workers' compensation practices vary from state to state. In many places, you have to use a doctor chosen and paid by the workers' comp insurance carrier. If this situation sounds like it might be unethical, you might be right. Not all doctors are unduly influenced by their employer but you may have disagreements with some and have issues with the quality of your care. If you are not receiving the level of care you think you should or you have been told to return to your job prematurely, consider speaking with a workers' comp lawyer.

You Have Been Offered a Settlement

In certain situations, you might be offered a settlement. This means the workers' comp carrier is offering to pay you money to drop the claim. The amount offered might be enough or it might be inadequate. You may not know how much you should get and you might be desperate enough to accept the offer. Having a workers' comp lawyer on your side can help you understand all the facets of the settlement. For example, your age and how much work you are able to do to earn an income is an important consideration when accepting a settlement.

Don't suffer from the above or other problems with your claim alone. Speak to a workers' compensation lawyer and ask about paying your legal fees using a contingency fee agreement.

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