Understanding Catastrophic Injury Cases

Catastrophic injuries sound scary, and they certainly can be. If you are suffering from a catastrophic injury, you are likely prevented from obtaining any sort of gainful employment on a permanent basis. Catastrophic injuries leave you with permanent wounds, perhaps physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, many of these injuries worsen over time.

Not sure if you should pursue a case after a catastrophic injury? Keep reading to learn more about your options.

What Are Examples of Catastrophic Injuries?

Physical injuries can be a major problem for many people who pursue lawsuits. These include burns, fractures, limb amputations, and damage to organs. You may need to hire caregivers to help you with daily activities, for instance.

Spinal cord injuries are also catastrophic injuries. Spinal injury cords can lead to severe mobility issues. You may need rehabilitation and physical therapy, or perhaps even surgery, to recover some mobility skills.

Cognitive injuries are also pertinent. They can change your life, sometimes even preventing you from being able to form new memories and learn a lot of new information that would help you maintain a job. You may also have struggles with personal relationships and your family because of these injuries. This can be emotionally devastating.

A catastrophic injury means that you have lost some physical or mental abilities. Perhaps you are no longer able to walk, or maybe a traumatic brain injury has left you with some differences in cognition. Regardless, you may be able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit and obtain a settlement that helps you maintain your life to the fullest extent possible.

Why Are you Entitled to a Settlement?

You may be entitled to a settlement if you have a lot of medical expenses after your injury. Medical expenses include surgeries, rehabilitation, physical therapy, medication, medical devices, and more.

Since you are no longer able to work, you may also be entitled to compensation for the wages you have lost. This may include past and future wages you are no longer going to receive.

Finally, you may also be able to secure funds for emotional damages you have experienced. If you have suffered cognitive impairments, this is a strong possibility for your case.

What Should You Do Next?

Your next step is to pursue a case with a personal injury attorney who understands catastrophic injuries. Make an appointment to consult with a catastrophic injuries attorney today to discuss your next steps.

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