The Evidence You Need For Your Motorcycle Accident Case

A motorcycle accident can be devastating, which is why you want to make sure that you have the evidence you need to show the extent of the losses. Although your attorney can help you gather the evidence, it's important to know what types of documentation are the most useful.

Police Reports

You need to file a police report no matter how minor the accident. If the accident is severe enough that emergency first responders are called in, then a police report will be filed by the reporting officer that arrives on the scene. In some jurisdictions, though, there is no police presence for accidents with minimal or no injuries. In this case, you will need to visit the local police station and fill out a report as soon as possible after the accident. Make sure you collect any identifying information from the other driver, if applicable, including name, license and registration, and insurance information.


If you are physically able, take a few photographs of the accident scene from different angles before the tow trucks and clean up crew arrives. If you are unable to take photographs yourself, you can ask a friend or witness on scene to take photographs for you. The police may also take photographs, which you can request copies of when you pick up your copy of the police report. Photographs can help determine fault, so they are an important piece of evidence.


If an officer is on scene, they will likely take down witness statements for you. Otherwise, it is up to you to collect the names and contact information for any witnesses to the accident. Further, don't overlook inanimate witnesses, such as security cameras located on the outside of neighboring businesses or homes. Sometimes these cameras catch footage of an accident.

Forensic Evidence

Forensic evidence is evidence taken directly from the accident scene. This can include studying the depth and length of skid marks to determine the speed of the vehicle that hit you, mapping debris trajectories to determine the angle of impact, and other similar details that help recreate the accident as it occurred. You may not be able to collect this evidence on your own, which is why you need to call a lawyer immediately so they can get an expert on site.

Medical Documentation

Finally, make sure to get records of all medical care you receive as it pertains to your motorcycle accident. Keep a copy of medical records, treatment plans, and lost income that is a result of the motorcycle accident. You may also want to keep a pain and recovery journal to help build your case for a pain and suffering claim.

Contact a motorcycle accident attorney if you have been in an accident.

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